Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hobby ADD

Yes, I'm self diagnosed with Hobby ADD.... constantly bouncing from hobby to hobby - and I'm ok with that.  I think having hobbies is one of my hobbies hahahhaa.

I like to consider myself the "Jack of all trades, and the master of none" - Dabbling and learning is what I do best.

Sorry this blog has been abandoned - but stick with me because Anna Claire is about to have her 2nd birthday party and while I'm keeping it 'simple' you wont want to miss it.  It's a theme that you may have never heard of before - but I can promise you - after you see it - you will be googling and buying the book it's based off of!!

As for what has been occupying my time recently - A friend and I started a nation wide running club for moms!!!  If you like to run, walk or jog - come over to and join us!!!  We do giveaways and chit chat about running stuff, races, and gear.  Even if you don't run but want to learn we will get you started on an AMAZING program called the Couch to 5k program - it's free and it is what got a lot of my friends into running who had NEVER run before!!!

I plan to be better on posting stuff here - and even have a few pics to post from previous projects so stay tuned ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Classic Fairy Tale baby shower

Linsey and I threw a baby shower for our friends Emily & Charles today. We started out with a generic "pink and green" theme - then Linsey suggested a "fairy tale" theme, so we ran with it. Emily loves classic toys and vintage-y things so we skipped over the girly fairy princess stuff and stuck with the classics.

The Brother's Grimm were the main source of inspiration (Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Frog Prince....) with a few others mixed in. We tried to keep it simple and cheap... (I mean inexpensive... not that Emily isn't worth a million bucks cause she is - but all 3 of us are yard-sale-bargain-shoppers so we were all on the same page here haha)

Anyway - enough chatter - here are a few of the pics. (waiting on a few more from Charles)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thrift Finds

I loooooooove thrift and antique stores.... like border line obsessed.
Right now I'm trying to build my collection of milk glass, funky glass wear, and stuff that can be used in party decorations.

I've keep seeing these little tiny covered cake plates in photographs so I've been on the hunt for my own... and Friday I found one!! (well actually I found two at an antique store but didn't care for the $24 price tag - I'm CHEAP) So this little $3.50 find was right up my ally. It originally had a wooden brown base, but I decided to give it a softer look with some aqua spray paint (that I got at a yard sale for .25 for a FULL can - Ah-Thank-You)

I put an apple next to it to show you how petite and tiny it is - I just LOVE it and can't wait to put a little cupcake under it or something.... I don't know what but I just love it.

And then the start of my milk glass collection (sorry it's just thrown in my china cabinet right now)

The milk glass will make it's debut appearance at a baby shower I'm throwing next Sat - stay tuned for pis of that ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poshing a Tank

I snagged this little brown tank at a consignment sale for .50cents or something.... (maybe .25) thinking I'd use my new fancy sewing machine to embroider on it. Um, didn't happen.

Anyway- I also got this pair of killer cute pink cord shorts and it's the perfect weather for AC to wear them... still hot, but more "fallish" weather. Yesterday I put her in the pink shorts and brown shirt and just felt like it was a boring outfit, so today I got fancy during nap time and made her a brooch to wear :)

Just followed a little tutorial I saw online to make the rosettes... (cut thin strips of fabric, knotted one end and then just wrapped around in a circle) and put them together with little fabric leaves. All attached on a stiff felt backing - BOOM instant cuteness in about 20min!

Check it out! All made with scraps... didn't cost me a dime (except for the shirt that is).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sneek Peek

...of my Halloween decorations. This is the first year I've ever decorated for Halloween... yes, I'm admitting it. Every year I'm too cheap to go out and buy stuff - so I tell myself I'll wait until after Halloween and get some stuff on sale. I did that 2 years ago then forgot to put it out last year.

And this year??? Well naturally I didn't like anything I bought in the 'sale' - so I started from nuthin.

I decided to go with a "vintage" Halloween theme... kinda haunted house-ish. And actually - everything here I had in the house already - except for the orange candles in the candelabra (.88 cents each!!) - so my whole mantle decor cost less than $6! That's my kinda decor.

Ok - enough jib jab - here is the work in progress....

"Eye of Newt" - still have to work on this one...

This *will* be "Toe of Frog" - but I was just trying to get it filled until I can go out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The "Borrow Basket"

I have a lot of friends who are having babies.... A LOT. Conveniently we have a lot of toys that Anna has outgrown... a lot. A few of these things I just loved and wasn't ready to be 'done' with them... but also don't have the space to store them. So what do we do?? Pass them off to a friend!!

And this is how the "Borrow Basket" was born.

I snagged this super cute laundry basket at Target for $2.97 and then started loading up our leftovers. Topped it off with a little tissue paper pompom (left over from AC's bday) and some ribbon - and then came up with this little poem to explain the borrow basket...

Here's a little group of things
In which we had to spare.
It's stuff we've used and know you'll love
So now we'd like to share.

And there are two more stanzas after this.... but I'm thinking about "selling" the rest of this poem on etsy for a couple of bucks, so I'll just leave you wondering for now.

Anywho - I think she liked it - I know I liked having a place to 'store' these items for the next year (hehe sorry J&R, but little Britton will love them)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Party Hats & Bibs

I kept seeing all these cute party hats on etsy but none that really nailed it when it came to matching Anna's color scheme, so naturally I made my own.

I worked with a few different party hat templates before mastering the PERFECT party hat. (you could also go to the dollar store and snag a pack for a buck - but I prefer the hard way when it comes to pretty much anything)

I had SO much fun making Anna's hat - I just kept going. I made one for Anna Kay (aka "The Other Anna") who was doing a purple & pink princess party and then one for sweet little Anders who was having a "Mod Monkey" themed party.

And no - that's not the only circle shape my sewing machine does.. I just happen to like it ;)

Anna's Pink Lemonade

"Mod Monkey"

Pink & Purple Princess