Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hobby ADD

Yes, I'm self diagnosed with Hobby ADD.... constantly bouncing from hobby to hobby - and I'm ok with that.  I think having hobbies is one of my hobbies hahahhaa.

I like to consider myself the "Jack of all trades, and the master of none" - Dabbling and learning is what I do best.

Sorry this blog has been abandoned - but stick with me because Anna Claire is about to have her 2nd birthday party and while I'm keeping it 'simple' you wont want to miss it.  It's a theme that you may have never heard of before - but I can promise you - after you see it - you will be googling and buying the book it's based off of!!

As for what has been occupying my time recently - A friend and I started a nation wide running club for moms!!!  If you like to run, walk or jog - come over to and join us!!!  We do giveaways and chit chat about running stuff, races, and gear.  Even if you don't run but want to learn we will get you started on an AMAZING program called the Couch to 5k program - it's free and it is what got a lot of my friends into running who had NEVER run before!!!

I plan to be better on posting stuff here - and even have a few pics to post from previous projects so stay tuned ;)

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