Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Little Bells (Designs) Is Back!

Such a cute little name. The name of a company created back before the world of selling hand made goods on etsy. Back before "boutique children's clothing" became a way of life. This was the name of our mom's custom smocking company back when we were little.... and the Bell Girls are bringing it back! Well, the name anyway...

My mom started Two Little Bells Designs back in 198x when she picked up smocking as a hobby. She would make and sell custom smocking patterns as well as smocked outfits. And let me just tell you - The Bell girls ALWAYS had a cute smocked dress on.... for parties, pictures, or even at the McDonald's playground. Yeah - we were "in" before we knew what "in" was. Thanks mom :)

Now a little about us.

I'm Pam (Bell) Burrus mother of one super awesome little girl, Anna Claire. Wife to one super awesome hubby, Chris. And food, water and lovin's provider to 2 crazy cats and one loyal pup. I'm a web designer by occupation, but crafter by genetics...

Partnering up with my super awesome sister, Caron (Bell) Rich who is truly "super mom". A professional photographer by trade - taxi driver and ring leader to her chock-full-o-personality kiddos Allie (6) and Wyatt (3) - and loving wife to her hubby Michael. (and gotta mention her kitty and new pup too)

So what does a photographer and a webdesigner have to blog about? Crafts, parties, costumes, photography, stuff, who knows..... We are constantly coming up with something and we figured rather than pass the ideas back and forth with each other... we'd just collect them in a blog and share them with friends.

So here we are... 20+ years after the original "Two Little Bells" smocking biz fizzled.... rekindling it with a brightly burning flame and hopefully making it something as great as the original - but in a WHOLE different area (yes, we got our mom and dad's creative genes, but we do NOT smock. So don't even ask us... or her, she's 'retired' ;) )

We will go into more about us and our fam later..... Most people won't even make it this far, so we will try to spread out the info in little tid bits so you can learn more about how we came to this blog.

Thanks for reading!