Monday, August 30, 2010

Party Hats & Bibs

I kept seeing all these cute party hats on etsy but none that really nailed it when it came to matching Anna's color scheme, so naturally I made my own.

I worked with a few different party hat templates before mastering the PERFECT party hat. (you could also go to the dollar store and snag a pack for a buck - but I prefer the hard way when it comes to pretty much anything)

I had SO much fun making Anna's hat - I just kept going. I made one for Anna Kay (aka "The Other Anna") who was doing a purple & pink princess party and then one for sweet little Anders who was having a "Mod Monkey" themed party.

And no - that's not the only circle shape my sewing machine does.. I just happen to like it ;)

Anna's Pink Lemonade

"Mod Monkey"

Pink & Purple Princess


  1. so adorable. You are so creative Pam!

  2. I love the ribbon pom-pom on the "other Anna's" hat! Super cute!