Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The "Borrow Basket"

I have a lot of friends who are having babies.... A LOT. Conveniently we have a lot of toys that Anna has outgrown... a lot. A few of these things I just loved and wasn't ready to be 'done' with them... but also don't have the space to store them. So what do we do?? Pass them off to a friend!!

And this is how the "Borrow Basket" was born.

I snagged this super cute laundry basket at Target for $2.97 and then started loading up our leftovers. Topped it off with a little tissue paper pompom (left over from AC's bday) and some ribbon - and then came up with this little poem to explain the borrow basket...

Here's a little group of things
In which we had to spare.
It's stuff we've used and know you'll love
So now we'd like to share.

And there are two more stanzas after this.... but I'm thinking about "selling" the rest of this poem on etsy for a couple of bucks, so I'll just leave you wondering for now.

Anywho - I think she liked it - I know I liked having a place to 'store' these items for the next year (hehe sorry J&R, but little Britton will love them)

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