Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thrift Finds

I loooooooove thrift and antique stores.... like border line obsessed.
Right now I'm trying to build my collection of milk glass, funky glass wear, and stuff that can be used in party decorations.

I've keep seeing these little tiny covered cake plates in photographs so I've been on the hunt for my own... and Friday I found one!! (well actually I found two at an antique store but didn't care for the $24 price tag - I'm CHEAP) So this little $3.50 find was right up my ally. It originally had a wooden brown base, but I decided to give it a softer look with some aqua spray paint (that I got at a yard sale for .25 for a FULL can - Ah-Thank-You)

I put an apple next to it to show you how petite and tiny it is - I just LOVE it and can't wait to put a little cupcake under it or something.... I don't know what but I just love it.

And then the start of my milk glass collection (sorry it's just thrown in my china cabinet right now)

The milk glass will make it's debut appearance at a baby shower I'm throwing next Sat - stay tuned for pis of that ;)

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