Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sneek Peek

...of my Halloween decorations. This is the first year I've ever decorated for Halloween... yes, I'm admitting it. Every year I'm too cheap to go out and buy stuff - so I tell myself I'll wait until after Halloween and get some stuff on sale. I did that 2 years ago then forgot to put it out last year.

And this year??? Well naturally I didn't like anything I bought in the 'sale' - so I started from nuthin.

I decided to go with a "vintage" Halloween theme... kinda haunted house-ish. And actually - everything here I had in the house already - except for the orange candles in the candelabra (.88 cents each!!) - so my whole mantle decor cost less than $6! That's my kinda decor.

Ok - enough jib jab - here is the work in progress....

"Eye of Newt" - still have to work on this one...

This *will* be "Toe of Frog" - but I was just trying to get it filled until I can go out.


  1. Those are some great ideas for putting gross looking things in a jar! That would be great in a kiddy spook alley or Halloween carnival. Come say hi.

  2. i love your mantel.

    i just moved in to an apartment with a mantel, so this is the perfect place to get ideas for the holiday.

    yours is my favorite so far. :)

  3. Found you through the Nester's Fall Mantle Party. Love your mantle- especially that sweet little bunting in front. I am going with a vintage theme for Halloween too! If you have a minute- I would be thrilled if you would pop over and check out what I have so far.